Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Time to re-visit my Blog...

I have been to busy with other projects to post here recently and the writing I have done was actually posted on the Chapter & Metaverse blog. I wrote about Radegast, Role Play Worlds and posted a rant about those who would patent code that should be contributed to the Open Simulator Project. Well. I don't want to neglect this blog too much so I will be re-posting my articles here as well to bring the blog back up to speed.

As it happens I have a lot to say about Radegast since I originally posted about it. I suggested to the creator of MakeAMIL that he might code a plugin for Radegast to allow a user to write their own Bot files. To my delight, this was taken up by Grant at MakeAMIL and with the help of the Radegast developer he did do everything I suggested and it was a fine result. So, I am going to review Radegast and MakeAMIl again as soon as I can.

For now, as I said, I will start to post my set of articles from C&M.

Stay tuned...

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