Here I am listing useful sites that supply a whole range of items from skins, clothes, buildings and even Terrain files that may be bought or taken free to be used in Opensim and Aurora-based worlds. I will add more sites as I find them but if you know of one that I missed then please leave a comment with the web site address and I will add it.


21strom is a brand focused on landscaping and environmental design in Second Life, OpenSim and other virtual worlds. All items at 21strom are original, made from high quality sculpties, meshes and textures, for affordable prices. You can buy my virtual products at the Second Life Market place and other online markets like Kitely which full perms and export.

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Total Avatar Shop

Welcome to Total Avatar Shop. This site sells items for your avatar on several virtual worlds (look at a list of worlds on the contact page). The site only  accepts Paypal (a trusted money source). I'm willing to open a store on any virtual world or help out the best I can with your avatar's needs. Please be SURE to check out The FREE social network for avatars in all virtual worlds. Contact me if you are interested in having a store on this site.

Kitely Market

Kitely Market is a virtual goods marketplace that will create a unified market out of all the separate grids that make up the Hypergrid metaverse. This will enable content creators to make serious money, while setting up only a single web-based store. Read a full account of this is an ambitious project here...

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The idea behind the Hyper Grid Exchange is to have a website available to all OpenSim users to buy and sell virtual items with direct delivery to any virtual OpenSim environment. Whether you have a grid, standalone region, or any other virtual environment, the marketplace can and will deliver for you. Our system does not use vendors, it does everything for you. Here, you can sell their items and shoppers can find all the items they need.

KatiJack Studio  
KatiJack Studio brings together the virtual world skills of two developers who together have thousands of hours building, scripting and other play experience with OpenSim and Second Life. Currently, we have a selection of .oar files which can be easily uploaded to Kitely or any other OpenSim world to create an immediate virtual space. All of the files on this website are free to download and are offered under a Creative Commons. 
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Fleep Grid Shop 

The FleepGrid Shop is an experiment in distributing freebies created by Fleep Tuque as IAR and OAR files for OpenSim users. If you don't have console access to upload IAR files, you can also pick up the actual objects by visiting FleepGrid, which is Hypergrid enabled, HG 1.5 (i6) –

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping! 
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Creations include textures, hair, skins, animations, clothing templates, sculpts, buidings and more. You can download these and use them in any opensim grid or in Second Life. All files are exported using the Imprudence Viewer and you will need to use the Imprudence Viewer to import them as well. All work from this website is distributed under the creative commons licence.   
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The Inventory
The Inventory is a 3D sharing site brought to you by Garry Beaumont, long time resident of OSgrid. All items are free to download as XML or OAR files (virtual products unless otherwise stated) for use in Opensim worlds. Download is free and there is an option to make a donation. All work from this website is distributed under the creative commons licence as far as I know. Please do your own check to be sure.
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