Wednesday 17 August 2016

US Army, MOSES Team Report Progress with Halcyon Branch of Opensim

An actual environment, on the left, compared to its virtual representation on the right. (Image courtesy Douglas Maxwell.)
In an article by Douglas Maxwell, the Science & Technology manager of MOSES, the US Army team working on a forked branch of Opensim, he reports on the team's progress in this important development. The team are working with Halcyon, the InWorldz engine that can handle PhysiX and advanced script improvements. Maxwell has answered some of the questions raised in Opensim Virtual recently and confirmed their aim to produce an HTML5 web viewer. This article, published in Hypergrid Business, is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in the future of Open Simulator...

This is a very welcomed update on MOSES, team's progress with their branch of Open Simulator. We had been discussing this briefly at G+ Opensim Virtual recently asking if anyone had heard news on the project. Some of the user community have been talking about how we might help and have our views considered. New Media Arts (NMA) are also interested in stimulating the development of OpenSimulator software and in an article at Virtual Outworlding blog there is more discussion. This article has also been linked to G+ Opensim Virtual