Saturday 21 June 2014

Introducing Replex Viewer for Opensim & Second Life

Maintained and packaged by Latif Khalifa, the viewer developer also responsible for the Radegast lightweight text client, the viewer is based on Singularity code with many new features including object Import/Export enhancements supporting Materials (specular and normal maps), Object Physics and Light Image. There is code merged from CtrlAltStudio Viewer to support the Xbox 360 controller as well as added support for Controller Keys, A = Alt, B = Shift, X = Ctrl, Y = Escape,   Back = Toggle Flycam mode (fun!), Start = Toggle Cursor mode, Right Stick Click = Toggle Mouselook, Left Stick Click = Jump/Fly - all of which gives this V1 viewer added support for Oculus Rift and virtual reality. There is a lot more including options to change the buttons on the UI and a handy option to enable an emergency teleport when you are AFK during a region restart.

Image courtesy of Replex

There is no formal release date yet but you can download the dev versions to test drive from the Replex site.