Monday, 8 October 2018

Google Plus to Close! Where to now for Opensim Virtual?

It is a sad day to learn that Google plus social media platform will be shutting over the next ten months. This really is a bitter disappointment and a blow to the Opensim community that has come to rely on it to reach a wider public than just the Second Life community. I saw the potential to reach existing and new Opensim users as soon as they launched it back in December 2012. It wasn't perfect but it had an easy names policy and I just went for it and created the Opensim Virtual community which everyone knows has been a great success. I think it was the first and grew quickly to lead the field with over 2000 members while others opened their own communities for services and in support of grids. Opensim Virtual turned into a popular community for news and promotions as well as help and friendly advice and social exchange.

I personally feel the loss considering how much time and effort I have put in to developing the community over the years. In the early days I pretty much worked alone in posting topics of interest to give the community life and material of interest. But others saw how useful it was to communicate and promote so it didn't take long before others started posting too. It just kept growing because Opensim was getting better anyway and more grids were opening so that today there are many G+ communities on all kinds of subjects from Hypergrid travelling to support groups for the hundreds of grids that make up the Opensim Metaverse.

Opensim Virtual As it was on day 1, December 2012
Opensim Virtual has always been at the heart of the Hypergrid community along with many other groups so it would be a shame to loose such a powerful platform that brings community together. I don't know yet what I personally will do but there are options and I still have my web site and grid at Farworldz. Perhaps there is a case for using Discord and connect it here on Metaverse Traveller. Each article, rather than having a comments section would display a full Chat window and Opensim Virtual forum to support the community and invite promotions as part of it. There may be other ways that are better. I am going to have to do the research and work on it double quick because time is short.

Opensim Virtual as it is today

All I can say right now is Opensim Virtual is still open and doing well so I have time to promote again once a new plan is set. Just watch this web site and Opensim Virtual for the latest news.

Time to sit down, have a virtual drink ( a real one too!) and think.