Saturday 8 December 2012

Opensim Virtual. A New Google+ Community

Today I did the unthinkable and set up an Google+ community!

Opensim Virtual
"First there was Second Life then there was Freedom"

Well, I did notice G+ had launched this thing and I was curious as to how it worked. I am already a big Twitter fan but, as cool and useful as Twitter is, those tweets are pretty short. It would be good, I often thought, if they could be expanded into a longer posts. Well, with G+ that is exactly how it works and I can add images too. Okay, so it sits there with a load of other stuff too and stupid G+ bosses have a name fetish issue which must be born out of some primitive instinct thing about recognizing one dinosaur from another. Yeah, yeah, they need to figure out what is the best crappy spam to sling at you where ever ye wander.

However. Yes, well, what use is it and why bother?

Well now, I did think it could be useful to promote my role play game or this blog but then I heard that someone setup a G+ community for Second Life and I was prompted to do similar for Opensim. I had already joined a new working thingy called Grid Cache which, again, is a lot like Twitter and includes file sharing and images but the tweets, if I can call them that, on the Wire don't expand like G+. I also looked at Vanish Firecaster's new messaging system for Opensim Creations, OS Chateau and it is cool, and much like Grid Cache. However, sorry but none have the look and feel of G+. Also, G+ is likely to be a better promotional tool since it can be found by a much wider audience.

Anyway, this is an experiment basically and anyone who enjoys the Opensim Metaverse is welcome to join it and simply post comments and pictures of your sims and creations. Its a party promotion so feel free to make use of it. It costs me nothing and we who enjoy playing around and grid hopping to meet up can do with it what we will.

I added some categories already so if you have new fashion items to show us, post images to Virtual Products or Virtual Fashion. If you have a role play sim to promote then tell us all about it on the Virtual Role Play section. I will add more sections if peeps want them.

So guys, see you on G+ @ Opensim Virtual


  1. Hooray, it is! Firstly, I want to thank you for starting a community for us all on Google+, I am looking forward to joining when I can knock some sense into G+ registration. I gave them links to my blog, my facebook page, twitter, several blog rolls and links to my Hyperica and Grid Press articles, but my first appeal was turned down. I am going to launch a second appeal soon, with my blog stats and more references to me online, so perhaps I will be joining you all at some point!
    Secondly, I did want to point out that you missed one really AMAZING resource for OpemSim people, and that is OpenSim City, a social network where folks can:

    use their avatar name and picture
    have an email address under said avatar name
    post freaking MASSIVE tweets
    like tweets
    post honking GINORMOUS comments on said MASSIVE tweets
    blog- again big, regular size posts with tags and photos
    post photos
    create photo albums
    post videos
    form groups
    use the amazing ALL OpenSim calendar
    post region reviews with photos maps hypergrid links
    use the forums
    submit cool stuff for free downloads
    download cool stuff
    use live chat(I love this)
    Get live help
    friend people
    invite friends
    post links
    post and search for freelance OpenSim jobs
    read walkthroughs to the websites myriad features............

    OpenSim City founder, Linux veteran Marisa Giancarla is constantly adding great new features, but never disturbs the order of the old ones. So you can always log on, and everything is where you expect it. If she wants to remove something, she asks the community. She is efficient, receptive, scary smart and forward thinking. Kind of reminds me of someone else.....

  2. That was a very flattering reply :) Must have gotten tired and forgot to add the URL LOL

  3. Hey, Christine & Marisa

    Thank you for looking in and sorry, Christine you are having trouble registering a name at Google plus. They really are off their wonky trolly me thinks but I guess they are following in the footsteps of Fascistbook,,, whoops Facebook I mean!

    Big Brother Facebook has a special thought police to sniff out pseudonyms and even ask their users to bubble those who breach the rules on names. Yes! Seriously, in this day and age after the cold war and Nazi Germany the web gets taken over by neo-fascist social networking sites poking their big noses into people's private lives, data mining and selling private data to the commercial spam adds where ever ye go. Where does it all end I ask?

    Heh, Anyway. I hope you get your head into G+ coz I would love to see you all there. BTW, Marisa can actually post the URL for Opensim City on the G+ community pages herself but I will add it if you want me to. Just say.

    Glad to see you all *hugs*

  4. Hi Gaga! You know, with the amount of fraud on the internet I can really understand why they are unwilling to have people using what they think of as "psyeudonyms", and my next appeal is going to include a letter with the blog stasts etc. that explains I have been chattering away about my RL home family under my avatar name for years, and being an expat means, there are two other people with my name in this city. Anyone could walk up to my son,pretending that they know me, or the school where I work, and then there are my parents- you get the idea. A big part of the problem is that they do not understand virtual culture at all; if anything they will probably still see me as a freak who is hiding something for some twisted purpose they do not want to be liable for. I will be surprised as all get out if they accept my avatar name! That is why it is so wonderful there are independant alternatives! That was really nice of you to offer to post the link Gaga, if Marisa hasn't done it already, it would be great if you could!Hugs backatcha!