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The Grid Search engine above was developed by me and, presently, remains a work in progress. Each search item comes with thumbnail image and popup preview which includes the grid's description. The entry lists basic grid stats including Region, Registered member count and unique visitor traffic. There is a direct link that will open the grid's splash screen either in a viewer or it will try to open a viewer. If the grid is hypergrid enabled then the hg address should appear too.

On the right column are listed the total grid stats from our database which is a sum of all grids recorded. The Daily Peak Traffic is an estimate of avatars online across all grids but don't take the number too seriously yet, it is arrived at by the engine analyzing actual login data at various times to try and arrive at a good estimate rather than taking actual numbers as gospel. Thus, there will be some variation while new grids are added and the search engine gets further development. These stats are updated either daily by the web crawler I am developing to support the search engine or manually if the crawler can't read the stats or robots are forbidden (please leave a message below if your grid is not listed and you would like it to be. If you don't want your site visited by our web crawler then please send a message to Gaga Gracious in Kitely grid and give your name and email address. Alternatively, you can give your name and email address below in the comments if you don't mind it being seen on the web. I will remove the comment when I have seen it.
How to use Grid Search in a grid viewer.

Date: July 06/2013; Apart from the usefulness of having a searchable grid list here on my blog you can, if you wish, put the search page address into your viewer's browser and change the login page for a grid of choice. This is something I have wanted for a long time so I ended up scripting my own service. It works best in V2/3 viewers. In Kokua go to the menu links on the top toolbar and find Web Browser Test. Then enter into the address bar. In Firestorm hit the Help link and open Firestorm Wiki browser which has the address bar. I have not tried every viewer so there could be differences and issues. I do know there is a problem with V1 viewers which tend to open web pages in your own browser instead of changing the viewer's login screen. Once you have the login screen up you should be able to enter your avatar name and a password. It is all set up ready for you.

To use the search just select a category on the left menu then enter a search term like, hangout, roleplay or shopping and it will find matching grids to browse. You can also enter grid names if you know which category they might fit. The Hypergrid and Commercial category tend to have the most choices. I should also mention that grids are ranked according to their listed traffic stats so the the higher the traffic the more chance the grid will appear higher in search results.

Here is what it looks like in Teapot viewer opening the login screen for Avination in the background...

Teapot viewer is used here to open a web page to Grid Search. Here you can search for grids by category and display them according to traffic popularity. Then just click the link to get the login welcome page up in the background. Most welcome pages do have an option to register for the grid so that makes it so much easier for people using Opensim grids for the first time.


I'm still adding grids to the search engine but if you know of more or would like a new one added then please leave a comment with the site address. 

♥ Disclaimer:

Some Grids on the free Metaverse carry adult material and I can not vouch safe every one I list. I urge parents and educators to be aware of what the young persons in their care are accessing and take steps to block inappropriate sites. 

Some grids are run by hosting companies that may, or may not, actively provide inworld services, support and promotion. I don't actually distinguish hosting-only grids and fully supported grids so please check before making any decision which grid you might join if you plan to rent sims. Some of the hosting companies can actually provide better 24/7 service on the server side so if you plan to have a sim connected to grids like OSgrid or Metropolis this may offer a more cost-effective solution. However, if you want economy, content and the chance to meet more people then the regular commercial grids like Avination and InWorlds may be a better solution for you.