Welcome to the G+ Opensim Virtual Meeting Logs and progress reports. We are pleased that the first Crowdfund was fully pledged to the tune of $2000 and the objective fulfilled (see below). At the recent meeting of the 1st March another proposal received a guarantee so a new target of $2000 was set and the community are asked to pledge funds to pay for code improvements to the PGSQL database implementation for Opensim. Click here to open the Bounty  Specification in the pain below . Please see the Xmir meeting link below for the log where this new Bounty was proposed and discussed.  Gavin Herd also kicked off the fund with a pledge of $500 and I added a pledge of $200 giving us a good start at $700.

If you wish to make a pledge email Talla Adam at talla0adam AT

Crowdfund Meeting Logs 2015 (log links below)...
   Log 3rd Rock Grid 2/1/2015    Log Xmir Grid 3/1/2015  

Please use the links above to find recent meeting logs. Below is the progress with the llLookAt bug which has now been completed satisfactorily and a bounty of $1200 paid to Dahlia Trimble which leaves $800 held in reserve for maintenance of the code.

March 4th: According to comments posted at G+ Opensim Virtual, Timothy Rogers of Zetamex Hosting has begun work on a fix for the issues with the PGSQL database adapter for OpenSim. Tim has stated he will donate his time free to the community and he hope to fix all the issues except perhaps search  which he said, "As far as the search that is mostly all php not having to do with opensim so that I can just write a new version of for postgres using the pdo module."

The llLookAt() fix was done and paid for in under a month!

See the progress reports below...

2nd Feb 2015: Some feedback comment left on a G+ Opensim Virtual Topic...

Fly Man11:56 AM
I just saw a commit being made by Dahlia about llLookAt. Was this video before her commit ?

Dahlia Trimble12:06 PM
yes it was :)

3rd Feb 2015: Fred Beckhusen is currently testing Dahlia Trimble's commit. 

11th Feb 2015: Fred Beckhusen reports on G+ Opensim Virtual; "I am impressed by the work +Dahlia Trimble has done on the llLookAt()  bug for Bullet physics.   I put a dragon on a box with a stock Second Life script  - and it bumped into obstacles,  recovered nicely, and flew around me.  I could start a dragon war with not much more than this. Judging by her latest notes,  this may help llSetRotationalVelocity(), llTargetOmega(), llLookAt() and others work under physics in ODE, too."

And a video from Dahlia has been showing how the fix works...

16th Feb 2015: Presently, Dahlia has rewritten the code and continues to fine tune it while Fred has been rigorously testing. There has been good progress but I am informed a problem has developed - confirmed by Vegaslon  Plutonian, too - which needs further investigation. +Fly Man reported the code fix submitted by Dahlia was included in the latest release of Whitecore but I haven't heard if they encountered problems as well. Fred told me he will probably post what they've found to the mantis soon.

17th Feb 2015: Magnuz Binder commenting at G+ OV said: "Freaky Tech also included Dahlia's code fix in ArribaSim 2015-02-13 . I have no scripts utilizing the functions at present, so I haven't tested it though."

25th Feb 2015: Fred Beckhusen commented at OV, "Dahlia Trimble has fixed  llLookAt().  It works beautifully and is very low-lag with a modified sensorless script she gave me to test with.   I put a high-def video version of how well it works on Vimeo"

llLookAt is Fixed! from Ferd Frederix on Vimeo.