Schedules of Calendar Events by Grid...

Tangle Grid is popular for its regular Expo events
The next will be Winterfest Expo: Nov. 22, 2014 to Jan. 4, 2015
Kitely Virtual has a full calendar of events including Metaverse tour start regions. If you want to meet people and make friends then join a weekly Hypergrid Safari tour and you will get to visit and learn about other grids in good company. to InWorldz Grid please register to view our events.
BeReal presents new hair, skins and shapes for him and her! Come and have a look at our new hair, new skin line and of course the shapes that fit the best! We offer the best skins and shapes, AO's and hair in Avination so come and have a look today!

Be sure to visit the Christmas Var rightfully named “The North Pole”.  There will be  free stores available for merchants to sell their Christmas items and so much to explore but don’t forget your winter woollys!

We have set up a new OpenSim Grid Owners Association to help get crowd funded code and new featrues added to Open Simulator. We invite all grid owners and OS users to join.
Metropolis is a German language grid but there is now a new working translator created by Magnu. Metro is also a none-profit grids with many regions offering free content.
Now that 3rd Rock Grid is open to the Hypergrid, the resident  UFS community has expanded their role play to other parts of the Metaverse and invite visitors to learn about them and take part in a full events calender. So, if you're a trek fan or just love Sci-Fi role play then take a look.